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What is a mockup?

Your website will not be a well-worn template but something designed for you. All this starts with a mockup, but first let's see what a Mockup is..

What is Mockup?

In the world of web design, a website mockup is a high-fidelity simulation of how a website will look. Website mockups combine the structure and logic of a wireframe, but with the images, graphics, and user interface elements that the final product will have.

How I create

• Pressing “Create section” you can create a SECTION. If this will have a title in the build, you put it in place of the "New Section" that appears. This Section you are reading now is entitled "How to create a Section".

• Pressing “+ Add description” you can paste or type the texts of each Section you want at the point you are currently reading. If you now click here, you will be able to edit this text already.

How we will structure
every page?

• Each page consists of SECTIONS.

• Minimum number of sections is obviously one, while a page with 2-4 sections is considered non-tiring and "easy" for the user.

• The maximum standard number of SECTIONS is up to 5 with special exceptions. We usually split the content into several pages if the topic is large. At the end you will see this page that you are reading now and you will understand that with 8 Sections – and some of them long – it is already tiring. Here of course, both you and we work for the best and we can be patient, so it is acceptable. But it is not acceptable for a visitor who will get bored and leave

• In general don't worry about the theme, the designers will adjust your Sections if needed, so we mainly need the material from you. Texts and photos that is.

• Try to be concise, with 150-200 words a section is full on a desktop computer screen. While it will occupy 2-3 sections on a mobile screen. Don't forget that mobile traffic is high and we don't want the user to get lost in endless texts. We will not have space for images and graphics. What you are reading now consists of 224 words. 

Watch it on your desktop and watch it on mobile and you'll understand why it's important not to be boring unless we have in this case.

How do I upload?

A photo of the Section (if you want it to exist) can be uploaded by clicking on "upload files" at the bottom right of each section or by simply dragging the photo and leaving it where it says "you can drag and drop here". Here we have uploaded a photo titled Photo Sample1.jpg. If you go over it with the mouse, a preview will open and if you click, you will open it in full screen to see it.

If you want to use photos from our library too, just paste the photo page link anywhere in the text.

From you, we absolutely need specialized photos (of your product, medical, equipment, etc.) that we do not know, but also general photos that you would like to be used in specific Sections. In general, the material will be filtered and - apart from the texts - not all the photos or graphics that you indicate will be used, since we will try to make your page as attractive and user-friendly as possible.

In addition to photos and videos, you can upload PDF, Zip and generally all file formats.

It looks easy, after all! Let's see how it goes
win over our visitors.

Friendly to

Act like a "salesman", just as you would talk to a client to inform him about the topic of the page you are writing and direct the visitor from section to section leading to the result you want. 

Few words and effective.

Become more efficient and
save time!

Since you're down here, why don't we take advantage of the fact and urge you to also check out the page that explains how your project's schedule tool works? Click here to learn how TeamGantt works and see how we will do a proper planning together!

What we just did
it is said “Call to Action”!

Yes, we've prompted you to take an action that will benefit us at the bottom of the page. Obviously, this specific action will benefit you and not us, since you will be informed about how we can work together better, learning the tools we use.

But instead of talking about your schedule, we could say see here all of our services, you might be interested in collaborating on another project together! 😉

Conversion means
performance !

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We've done it to you again, haven't we?

Sorry, but we couldn't resist showing you something we know how effective it is, something that literally pays for itself.

Does it literally pay for itself? Okay, so we did it again? You have to know when the call to action and the many blessings on your beard get tiresome. The customer has intuition and even if you believe in your value and the quality of your service, it can backfire and feel that you are trying to manipulate them.

So let's leave Inception to Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio and let's make a perfect website together!

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